Monday, February 25, 2008

The Beast

beast prt-1
So i decided to share the steps of one of my current projects...
so ...ok the final result is going to be an oil painting (water mixable oil paint) 10x10 on a canvas that i will gesso 2 of 3 times.
its actually my first oil painting ever... sooooo mush pressure. oh almost forgot the theme is beast.
I spent the day sketching monsters and stuff before stopping on this one...
I'll most likely to go for the A one ( having the monster upside down)!!!

beast prt-2
i know its fugly...but its a test.
and trust me traditional is harder than digital. (for me at least)
this the the first color test i've done. kinda to see the properties of oil paint.
i find it pretty hard to use... but the drying time will certainly come in handy in comparison to acrylics. beast prt-3
ok heres the the real piece... thats the mid-tone plus some highlights and shadows.
nothing much to say other than some anatomy problems like the size of the right arm that i have corrected...

beast prt-4
so i guess its not going too bad right now...
the head is almost finished while the right arm is still to be redone. but the atmosphere is starting to appear...