Monday, February 18, 2008


"I met Ahmed through school. We happened to be in the same animation class. But it's only by the second year that I really got to know him better and work side by side with him on our class assigments. I quickly started admiring his style. Ahmed was surprising, creative and funky. His work wasn't always to the liking of the teachers technicly, but we, fellow students, were all admiring his drawings. As we got to the end of our program, Ahmed had put together a really refreshing student movie, where you could definetly sense his instinct for style and colors. With a few solid sketchy lines, Ahmed brings us right to the point. After graduation, Ahmed left us for a 3 year program in illustrations in Toronto. I've been fallowing his art through this time and I've just been amazed how quickly Ahmed's pieces were getting stronger, deeper and more professionnal. He took the time to explore a lot of different mediums to create his own style. As I see him grow as an artist, I am noticing the impressive confidance that he's buiding up for himself. School is coming to an end this year, and who knows which challenge will be wainting for him on the other side. But I am positive that Ahmed will know how to get just what he wants and is meant for. He is definetly someone to keep an eye on and just worth discovering and enjoying his creative approach to visual art."
Ariane Lapointe, Animator at Frima Studios

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