Friday, February 22, 2008

update about me!!!

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so ...
some are asking about the university!
its pretty good actually...

i've recently made an acrylic painting of the joker... and i love the experience the whole time i was doing it. and trust me its hard to enjoy art when its a homework at 4 in the morning to be given the next day. painting traditional has a thing that digital doesn't. its hard to explain but it a sensation... anyways for me at least.
until now i have worked with watercolor, makers, ink , gouache, acrylic and am going to try oils now... for my projects...
the things i've been doing... well just check the gallery!!! the newest stuff. some say too abstract, or too Art Plastique... but thats just a choice of mine. something i wanted to explore right now... and it doesn't mean i'm not gonna do some comics when i finish.

how's toronto... well.. its a stinking city that doesn't compare to me!
but that does not mean that i'm going to go back to mtl when i finish university... i was thinking london for a bit. will see...
btw theres cgoing to be a 4 day comicon in toronto this summer ...i think in june... i cant afford it right now ... ill try to get some money and go see it...

well i got a bunch of new art to show. (especially the joker one)
im working on 3 different sketchbooks. a brown-paper one... a still life one and a regular crappy one for school. but u wont see the sketch book until they are finish so... sorry about that.

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