Sunday, January 18, 2009

Post Art Show

Well i guess this is the first post of 2009, which started by the way with being part of an art show at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. The event was great and magnificently organized by Julia Ainsworth. While the show was a amazing experience i somehow come out of it with the feeling that i am going to have to work extra harder from now on, mostly because my work just isn't at the quality i would like it to be.
I decided to start departing from digital work and my comfort zone to switch to fully traditional mediums. And that is what you'll start seeing more often from now on. So, a month ago I started brush and ink toward reaching a graphic novel style and during the next months ill developing a way to interpret my colors into a gouache medium. I am just hopping that ink and gouache isnt a bad mix ( two water based solutions).

for those who may to see the show in person, the pieces will be for show until the 21th of January.