Friday, February 27, 2009


I don't know what to say about this one, other than you wont see stuff like that from me often.
The origianal concept for the phobia project. Well let me start from the beginning I was supposed to create a 3 frames narrative story with somewhat a begin, a middle and an end. So here was my train of thought; I didn't want to take the usual phobias such as the fear of the dark, dentist, heights etc. I wanted to take a commun fear like the "fear of commitment" and push it to an an extreme to a point where it becomes a satire/a phobia. An extreme where the second a person feels a hint of a relationship they have sabotage it by cheating with the closest person around. So, the first image; a guy is presenting his girlfriend to his best friend holding hands on the table. 2- Nervous she right away with her leg caresses the best friend under the table. 3- Afraid of this new commitment that might arise with this women he reaches for his best friend's tie and start caressing it. Creating this vicious relation circle.
So what u think?
I know, I know it's off subject because its not a real phobia.
Instead i found myself doing Dextrophobia ( fear of thing on the right side such as turning right). Man these cars are ugly!!!

gouache on illustration board