Friday, January 22, 2010

Open Acrylics

Decided to try the Open Acrylics from Golden. Basically there acrylics that take longer to dry. I used them in class today and seamed pretty ok. The cool part though is 5 hours later i decide to make a super quick practice of colours and values with the leftover paint that i had from my class. When guess what, they were pretty workable and the painting turned out not so bad. You can mixed the paint with the previous layer if your working fast enough but not as much as oil. but that might be because i worked on non gessoed wood. Ill keep on working with them for a bit and see if ill stick with them. Only hick is that there bit expensive; 5-12cad a tube for a 60ml tube.
Anyways this was referenced from a piece from Klimt.

"Klimt's Girl" kssm 10

open acrylic on wood